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October 16, 1999

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My very first High School Reunion - the Mater Dei Catholic High School Class of '84. Not much to say about the reunion except that everyone knew me and I didn't know them! When I was in high school I was very quiet and had few friends. Besides that, my brother told me everyone thought I was weird (I am 'unique') and I was a little afraid to speak to anyone.
It was a good time and I talked to everyone that night - every singe person. When I told them I was in Air Force Intelligence they took a step back, and then after I had changed out of my pink shirt (I'm sitting in the front row) into a black shirt, Pat noticed and thought I was doing some spying. They think too much; I was sweating and changed into a dark shirt.
A few people of note: Audrey Fulton - I had a crush on her for five years. I got over it and told her husband I was cood with them being married. Audrey was surprised when I told her. She never knew. Julie and I became email pals after this and traded poetry; Jerry Nass used to follow me around a lot in high school. I went to his father's funeral in 1996.
Mom and I visited my brother and his wife, Wendi in Indianapolis after this. It was a nice little drive and my first time seeing his house. I remember returning to Virginia at night, heading north on Highway 41 and just before the I-64 exit to Louisville, a song came on the radio. It was "There She Goes" by Six Pence None the Richer. It stuck in my head. That was Cathy. After that, when I heard that song I thought of her and smiled.