Pigeon with Fries Combo

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October 24, 1998

I wanted to dedicate the race to my boss, Matt, for his birthday (only Aaron and I would have understood the joke) but I missed the award ceremony--guys in the locker room held me back, asking me who I was. I was the new bitch in the wolfpack--they kept sniffing me. I felt icky...whimper, whimper...
Aaron and I went to Burger King and ate in the park. A pigeon approached me, soliciting fries, so I tossed him some, he ate some and then just left. As he (she?) waddled away I yelled,"You're the dumbest pigeon I've ever seen!" I was throwing food at him and he walked away! Aaron and I laughed until he returned five minutes later with a group of pigeon friends waddling behind him. I guess he told them there was free food at the horse table. This is Aaron and I.

I was so excited by this win, I felt

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liberated, emboldened! I scheduled my internet to be turned off, and I had the same tall, beautiful, always-smiling Korean/American/ Italian/whatever lady helping me who'd been there since I arrived in 1997. She was a 'looker' as they say, so I just said,"You've a beautiful woman". She smiled and blushed and said,"You should've told me before--we could've gone out together". *Gulp* Maybe I'd limited myself, but I perhaps I'd enough drama in that department.

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